Direct your mails to various G Suite Apps

"MAIL DIRECTOR" is an add-on which allows you to direct your Gmail Messages in to various G Suite Apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs etc. It comes very handy to extract emails in a structured format and use it for further workflows in the business.

It is product from Jivrus Technologies


Every App provides services to Mail Director. There are two categories of services

  • Actions
  • Information


Actions is what service you need to perform on apps

For example

  • in Google docs and Google sheets there is a 'Save mail' action that you helps you to save your mail into the Google Docs/ Sheets
  • in Trello, there is a "Create Card" action that creates card in selected Trello board & list.


Information is what data you want to get from the app

For example,

  • you can see number of existing mails saved in Google Sheets for the sender of currently open email.
  • you want to see the contact details from CRM that matches the sender email when you open email.